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Penis Ephemera November 17, 2011

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You know, if you use the word “penis” in a blog title, you are never short on people stopping by.  Especially when you blog has the word “hole” in the title.

I get some of the oddest search word groupings…..


Occupy This October 13, 2011

I’ve been following the Occupy Wall Street movement and some of it’s cross country clones with interest these last few weeks. I love that these guys are out there sleeping in the rain, being degraded, and getting assaulted for their beliefs.  I applaud the determination. I do also have to say that while they make a few valid points, those points are generally occluded by their problem solving skills.

I do think the government and the business circles need to uncopulate, and stay away from each other.  The large corporations being paid billions of our tax dollars which they then pay to the politicians (I think it’s referred to as “money laundering” in many circles) needs to end.  Governments giving tax breaks to large corporations to get them to locate someplace needs to end.  Governments forcing small businesses to pay taxes while the box stores driving them under do not have to pay, needs to end.  There is something shifty about the Federal Reserve.  I will wholeheartedly agree with these statements.


The rest of it guys?  Come on.

You can’t pay for your student loans?  Well you shouldn’t have taken out the loan.  Can’t pay your mortgage?  Shouldn’t have taken out the loan, or you should have unloaded before you got to this point.  You are acting just like the government you claim to despise.  You are spending money you do not have, and have no hope of making; and now you want someone else to pay for it. You’re making Karl Marx blush.

You cannot get government out of business by sticking the government further into business.  Think about it.

Suck it up or find a real solution.  You have the power to make lasting change, you just don’t seem to want to make  logical change.  (Of course, since logic rarely makes a good slogan to yell while marching down the street, I doubt you will.)  If you don’t want to pay insane interest rates on credit cards, don’t get credit cards, then you don’t have to pay them. If you don’t want to pay BoA’s bank fees, boycott BoA, then you don’t have to pay them.

Take some tips from the commonsense brigade.  If you don’t want to deal with drunk people, don’t go to bars.  Don’t like porn, don’t watch it.  If you don’t want to support sweatshops, don’t buy the clothes and you won’t.  If you want to eat organically grown food, buy it and don’t buy the food grown with pesticides.  It’s called responsibility people, get some.

Unfortunately too many of you want the convenience of a billion BoA branches, so you would rather have the government stop them from charging high rates for their services, so you can still bank there.  Do you have no self control?  Too many of you want to go to college and not pay for it, so you would rather have the government stop banks from collecting the money they lent you.    Too many of you have a sense that you are some how special, that you deserve to have someone else work their ass off so you can draw stick figures on the sidewalk.  Do you have no self-respect?

Come on people, as long as you’re cluttering up parks across the country, at least you could make it count for something.


1984 Spoken Here September 30, 2011

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I have to say, I’m getting tired of people spouting whatever slogan some famous politician, athlete, actor, religious leader, (or whatever else people worship these days) say.  The constant screaming of jingoisms back and forth is really becoming almost unbearable.  No one is attempting to argue a point, show an inconsistency, or even win adherents.  People seem only interested in attempting to shame others into falling in line behind a slogan.

This has been happening for years, but it seems to have reached a fever pitch recently, at least I hope it won’t get much worse.  After 9/11 I noticed it really kicked up: if you didn’t like the PATRIOT Act, armed searches at airports, constant surveillance, or invading various countries, you were for the terrorists.  Wave your flag and quietly fall in line with whatever the government said, or you were for the terrorists.

Everyone now days seems to be into this mode.  If you didn’t like  invading Iraq, you were for the terrorists.  If you don’t support PE in school, you want fat kids.  If you don’t support Obama, you are a racist.

Even today,  if you don’t support the president’s “right” to order US  citizens killed without trial it means you support the terrorists.  There are few people discussing the constitution, presidential orders, or citizenship issues, only “support us or support the terrorists”.  It’s our way, or you are a traitorous, ignorant, whack job who hates the US (or children, or blacks, or whatever) and deserves to die.

Is anyone out there thinking before they open their yap to spout whatever thing their leader has said?  Does anyone out there think it through.  It’s like watching a group of cults arguing in the street.  No thoughts, no dissension, only blindless obedience to which ever cause they want to parrot about today.  It feels like a constant barrage of peer pressure, much worse than high school ever could be.

That’s all there is to these “arguments”, nothing but jingo slinging.  Why can’t I hold the opinion that Obama doesn’t have a clue about how economics work, the PATRIOT Act is a violation of the constitution, and the president cannot sign an executive order to have US citizens assassinated without being labeled as a traitor to my country?

I really don’t understand.


Religious Straining July 19, 2011

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For Kirsten.


Doin’s July 18, 2011

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Celebrating the arrival of Buffy seasons 5 and 6!  Yeah me. Getting ready for my 20th class reunion in two weeks.

Also, if you are looking for something fun, check out the Tomato Battle guys. We did the Colorado tomato battle and it was awesome! There are pictures on facebook. Couple of tips if you decide to attend: Do not wear flip flops, they do not stay on when you attempt to walk through ankle deep tomato guts (lots of people did this, and lots of flip flops floated away). Goggles larger than your typical swimming goggles would be advantageous. The smaller goggles get smacked around too easily when you are hit in the face with a tomato. Do not take cameras unless they are completely waterproof, you may be surprised how damp a tomato fight can get. Take about 20 gallons of water, a couple of buckets, and washcloths to clean up afterwards. Just trust me on this one.

As an aside, let me know if you are on facebook.


Thanks Jac June 16, 2011

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I would like to thank Jac for corrupting my sense of taste and encouraging gin.  G&T is a lovely summertime drink.  I never thought I would say that…………………………


Missing the Spawn and Spawnette. June 13, 2011

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I’ve decided that I really don’t like not having my kids around.  I miss them……………..a lot.

While they frequently drove me to points just this side of insane, I kinda miss the fighting.

I miss the randomness of conversations and thoughts, and I’m stuck with just my own thoughts.

Texting is just not the same.